Steel Insulated Doors

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Classic insulated garage door come with two layers of steel and polyurethane foam insulation, which improve your home thermal efficiency, reduce street noise. Classic short or long panel steel garage doors with insulation of R-value of 15.2.
i. Available in short and long raised panel design options.
ii. A wide variety of window option are available,
iii. Glass options available including insulated, obscure, and acrylic.

  • R100


  • R200


  • R300


  • R400


  • R500


  • White


  • Almond


  • Sandstone


  • Brown


  • Dark Brown

    Dark Brown

  • Black


  • Golden Oak

    Golden Oak

  • Red Oak

    Red Oak

Steel Insulated Doors Window Options

  • L01 2-Piece Arched Stockton

    L01 2-Piece Arched Stockton

  • L02 Stockton 8 Square

    L02 Stockton 8 Square

  • L03 2-Piece Arched Stockbridge

    L03 2-Piece Arched Stockbridge

  • L04 Straight Stockbridge

    L04 Straight Stockbridge

  • L05 Waterton

    L05 Waterton

  • L06 Cascade

    L06 Cascade

  • L07 One Piece Wagon Wheel

    L07 One Piece Wagon Wheel

  • L08 2-Piece Wagon Wheel

    L08 2-Piece Wagon Wheel

  • L09 4 Piece Sunburst

    L09 4 Piece Sunburst

  • S01 Waterton

    S01 Waterton

  • S02 Cascade

    S02 Cascade

  • S03 Stockton

    S03 Stockton

  • S04 2 Piece Wagon Wheel

    S04 2 Piece Wagon Wheel

  • S05 4 Piece Sunburst

    S05 4 Piece Sunburst

Door Construction  3 layer construction

Panel Thickness  2''

Exterior & Interior Steel  26-Gauge

Insulation Type  Polyurethane

Warranty  Limited Lifetime

R-Value 15.2