Advantages Of Rapid Rolling Doors

Feb. 28, 2019

1. Sound insulation and heat preservation effect is good, noise is reduced, and the constant temperature, comfortable and quiet working environment is maintained;

2. Quickly isolate the inside and outside air to prevent air convection and cause temperature loss;

3. Make the design of GTA garage door simple and elegant;

4. Maintain a constant temperature, constant humidity and clean environment;

5. Effectively solve the energy consumption problems such as air conditioning cold air leakage and hot air inflow. At the same time, the Rapid Rolling Door has a very large role in the cold storage room application, saving energy and being able to switch quickly to avoid cold air loss;

6. In the food factory, cosmetics workshop, packaging production line, paper product manufacturing, printing manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and precision electronic machinery industry, it can shield dust and small insects from entering, effectively preventing products from being contaminated by dust and foreign matter;

7. Improve production efficiency, rapid rolling door lifting speed of 0.8m / s -2.5m / s, is more than 20 times the electric shutter, no obstacles to vehicles, pedestrians, can quickly pass without waiting, improve work efficiency;

The quick door is equipped with geomagnetic and radar sensing equipment and is very smart to use. At the same time, it is equipped with infrared safety light protection equipment, which has good safety. It has many applications in warehouses with large material flow. The bottom of the fast rolling door is equipped with air-blocking cloth, which increases its sealing performance. Good to be isolated from the outside air.

Advantages Of Rapid Rolling Doors