How to Choose Aluminum Glass Door?

Jun. 15, 2019

  Sometimes the bad quality of doors will cost useless money. Let me tell you how to choose Aluminum Glass Door? Please see the key points below.

  1. Look at the materials.

  For high-quality Aluminum Glass Door, its’ profiles such as thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should comply with the relevant national standards. The wall thickness should be above 1.2 mm, and the tensile strength should reach 157 Newtons per square millimeter. The yield strength should reach 108 Newtons per square millimeter, and the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 microns. If the above standards are not met, it is inferior aluminum glass doors, which cannot be used.

Aluminum Glass Door

Aluminum Glass Door

  2. Look processing.

  High-quality aluminum glass doors:

  ①Fine processing;

  ②Exquisite installation;

  ③Good sealing performance;

  ④Easy to switch.

  Inferior aluminum glass doors:

  ①Blindly choose aluminum profiles and specifications;

  ②Rough processing;

  ③Cutting instead of milling;

  ④Poor sealing performance;

  ⑤It is easy to scrape parts or glass scraped or touched, destroyed and wounded.

  3. Focus on the price.

  Under normal circumstances, high-quality aluminum glass doors due to high production costs, the price is about 30% higher than inferior aluminum glass doors.

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