What Are The Characteristics Of Commercial Doors?

Nov. 01, 2018

Commercial Door, of course, is the most suitable door for commercial shops. So what are the characteristics of commercial doors?

1. Excellent decorative effect.

2. Durable. Not afraid of moisture, not afraid of the sun, high temperature does not deform, low temperature is not embrittled, does not burn, does not age, can be lightning-proof, lasting and stable, suitable for various climates.

3. Conducive to environmental protection. Waste aluminum is easy to recycle and has high utilization rate. There is no environmental pollution problem during the processing.

4, good processing performance. Aluminum profiles can be processed into large size and complex cross-sectional shape, and high dimensional accuracy. The processing technology of the aluminum alloy door is relatively simple and easy to modernize.

5, excellent performance. It has beautiful and durable, durable, colorful, easy to use, free to open, thermal insulation, thermal noise reduction, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other chemical stability. Easy to clean, not easy to change color. Easy and fast installation, long service life and easy maintenance.

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