Installation Tips Of Classic Insulated Garage Door

Sep. 13, 2018

In order to ensure your safety and reduce accidents, please read the Classic Insulated Garage Door installation manual thoroughly before installation and follow the steps in the installation manual. If you have a problem with your operation, please consult a professional installer or dealer.

1. When installing, be sure to check the door body. Only install the door opener on a well-balanced door. Otherwise, it may cause serious consequences.

2. When the door is running, it is strictly forbidden to pass people or objects from under the door or under the door.

3. It is forbidden to operate the remote control in the place where the door body is not in operation, so as to avoid a safety accident or a garage door opening.

4. Mechanical limit devices should be added to the ends of the horizontal rails on both sides of the door to prevent the door from slipping out.

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Classic Insulated Garage Door