Experts Teach You Some Garage Door Maintenance Tips 1

May. 06, 2019

The use environment of the automatic door is mostly the junction between indoor and outdoor, and the outer side is often in contact with dust and rain-like substances. The long-term accumulation will seriously affect the operation of the automatic door, and some impurities entering the interior of the door mechanism will also erode the parts. In order to strengthen the use of automatic doors, as a Toronto Aluminum Exterior Door Manufacturer, today we share some maintenance tips about garage doors.

Toronto Aluminum Glass Door

(1) Clean the commercial smooth automatic door and door pulleys, just use the donkey to clean the dust, and do not add oil.

(2) Check the belt tension. If there is slack, there should be no looseness and poor contact.

(3) Check all electrical contacts, electrical plugs, check for looseness and poor contact.

(4) Check the infrared sensor bracket and the fixed position.

(5) Check the height of the commercial smooth automatic door leaf and the water, and adjust if there is any change.

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