Experts Teach You Some Garage Door Maintenance Tips 2

May. 10, 2019

As an Aluminum Glass Door Supplier Canada, we continue to teach you some of the daily maintenance tips for garage doors.

(6) Clean the stopper and check if the stopper is working properly.

(7) Clean the infrared sensor and the safety sensor cover to ensure the sensitivity of its normal operation.

(8) Turn off the main power, test whether the backup power supply can operate normally, and repeat it several times to check the battery power.

(9) Check if the electronic lock is operating normally. Find problems and fix them in time.

(10) Adjust the door speed, the thrust of the motor, and the stop action if necessary.

(11) Check that all safety systems are working properly.

Steel Insulated Door

The time of automatic door loading is long. If you don't pay attention to the correct method of use, plus the usual maintenance, it is more or less unsatisfactory. This will increase the unnecessary maintenance cost. The daily work is timely and carefully The performance will also be greatly improved.

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