Do You Know What Are The Faults In The Garage Door?

Dec. 27, 2018

Do you know what are the faults in the garage door? Let Aluminum Glass Door Supplier explain it to you today.

1. The motor is not working properly and has a continuous click. The important thing is that because of the two-phase operation, the only measure is to first check the power circuit to connect the three phases.

2. The valve is stuck. The reason for the reason is that the reverse rotation and the limit switch are not properly adjusted. The handling method is to use the hammer mechanism in the handwheel operation to open the stuck valve when the valve is in the open position.

3. The mechanism is rotated but the valve is not driven. As a result, the original padlock is locked in the "manual" position and the moving sleeve position is not right. The handling method has a gathering device to hit the "far operation" and the position of the shaft sleeve.

4. The valve stops the operation when the valve is not in place. As a result, the cause controller was not properly mediated by the travel controller, and the torque controller acted in advance.

5. The torque and travel switch do not work out of control. As a result, the phase sequence of the spring source is wrong, the line is connected incorrectly, and the iron of the snoring device is not released. The key points are to change the motor phase sequence, check the line to correct the error, clean or change the contactor.

After sharing the common faults in the Residential Garage Door, I hope that everyone will be vigilant in this regard, but in practice the truth, we sincerely hope that you can contribute your experience and knowledge without reservation.

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