There Are 7 Tips For Garage Door Maintenance

Dec. 13, 2018

There are 7 tips for Garage Door maintenance:

1. Check the cable: Check if the cable is damaged or deformed, but you can't do it yourself! Because the cable is subjected to great resilience, it needs to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

2. Replace the lower edge of the Renewable Garage Door: There is a waterproof and anti-vibration strip on the lower edge of the garage door. If the deformation is damaged, buy one and replace it.

3. Check if the screws are loose: It is common for the garage door to go up and down as many times as possible. It is very common to loosen the screws. It is easy to find the immediate tightening to avoid component wear.

4. Check the roller damaged by wear: the door panel moves up and down by rolling in the roller track. If the rubber roller is damaged or damaged, please replace it immediately to avoid affecting the motor or causing deformation of the door panel or track.

5. Test garage door balance: The normal garage door can be moved without much effort. When the manual system is opened during the test, it should be easy to run up and down. If it is difficult to operate, check whether it is stuck or needs lubrication.

6. Check the noise: Observe whether there is abnormal noise during the operation. If abnormal noise is a precursor to the fault, you need to inform the professional for maintenance. Timely maintenance can avoid costly repairs in the future.

Seven: Lubricate all moving parts: Here I want to tell you that please use the correct lubricant, the best lubricant, do not use tank oil or wd-40, will absorb dust to reduce the spring life.

There Are 7 Tips For Garage Door Maintenance