How To Check After Installing Garage Door?

Oct. 09, 2018

1. First of all, we can roughly look at the Garage Door button or the door fan is not deformed.

2. We have to test the opening and closing of the Classic insulated garage door, when pressing the Garage Door button, observe whether there is an abnormal phenomenon in the process of rising and falling of the Garage Door.

3. During the entire operation of the Garage Door, our operators must pay attention to see if the Garage Door can automatically stop when it rises to the top.

4. We generally use the control of the remote control to achieve the Garage Door's rising, stopping and descending operation. It is important to note that after closing the Garage Door, if you want to reopen the Garage Door, we need to wait for the reset button of the remote control to reset, and then open the Garage Door for the second time.

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