How Do You Install The Insulated Residential Garage Door?

Nov. 30, 2018

In some enterprises or units, garage doors are used. In particular, some door openings are large. If you can't install or inconveniently install the floor door, you will use the garage door. How do you install the Insulated Residential Garage Door?

In life, users are generally equipped with remote garage doors and automatic garage doors. The specific method steps for installing the garage door are as follows:

First of all, to install the rails of the garage door, we must determine the position of the rail installation according to the specific height and width of the door panel, and then fix it with screws to install the rail components;

Secondly, to carry out the installation of the torsion spring parts of the garage door, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct selection of the torsion spring, and install the parts of the torsion spring in the correct order;

Once again, the door panel is installed, and the door panels are assembled in an orderly manner. After the components are installed, the torsion spring just installed is energized, and the door is lifted up and down about ten times by hand to observe whether the door body is stable or not. If it is unstable, further adjustments are needed.

Finally, install the motor, wiring, and handle parts to install a suitable lock, then complete the installation of the Steel Insulated Garage Door.

Steel Insulated Garage Door