Five Common Maintenance Methods For GTA Garage Door

Jan. 03, 2019

GTA Garage Door is a common facility for enterprises. It is suitable for commercial facades and parking garages on the ground. The use of garage doors is very convenient. It is not only convenient for owners to drive in and out, but also to ensure the safety of other items in the garage and to function as a security door. However, when there is a malfunction in the garage door, we will check the following five aspects.

A look: Open the shutter door of the Classic Insulated Garage Door and see if the components on the board are damaged.

Second question: Contact the garage door manufacturer to connect the cause or condition of the fault.

Three touches: that is, touch, sometimes touched by hand (with safety gloves) for some garage door components even after power-on. In order to feel the temperature is correct, it is concluded that the device is defective.

Four measurements: Refer to the use of the universal meter to screw to the appropriate gear position, the relevant measurements of the garage door control circuit.

Five listening: When the relay contacts are switched, a clear “drip” sound will be generated to determine whether the garage door is working properly.

If the Steel Insulated Garage Door suddenly does not work, we can take the above method for simple maintenance, saving time and rational use of resources.

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