Maintenance And Proper Use Of Toronto Steel Insulated Door

Apr. 11, 2019

As a Steel Insulated Door Toronto Supplier, let us introduce the maintenance and proper use of the electric rolling door.

The Toronto Steel Insulated Door motor should not be leaking outside, especially if it is not exposed to direct sunlight or where the motor is easily accessible.

It is strictly forbidden to operate electric roller blinds after drinking and minors.

Use a steering switch or push button power switch, which should be installed in an obvious, easy-to-operate position. It is strictly forbidden to change it privately.

Leakage and overload protection devices must be installed. The power cord must be insulated and kept in a good condition.

It is strictly forbidden to stand near the working area of the Toronto Steel Insulated Door, the main parts and the support frame, and unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter the work area.

It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified products that are manufactured, assembled or modified by private or by informal manufacturers.

Under wet conditions (rain, snow, fog and freezing weather), it is strictly forbidden to climb the roof without any safety measures to carry out various operations and adjustment and maintenance to prevent people from falling and falling.

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