What Should I Pay Attention To When Repairing Garage Doors?

Mar. 11, 2019

What should I pay attention to when repairing garage doors? Today, Aluminum Glass Door Supplier gives you a detailed introduction:

1. When installing, be sure to ask the installer to check the door body. It is only allowed to install the door opener on the door with better balance conditions. Otherwise, it will cause serious consequences and economic losses.

2. When the door of the Aluminum Alloy Garage Door is running, it must be impossible for people or other items to pass under the door. If you are caught by the door, you don’t know what will happen, and the door will be broken. It’s a small matter, but if you hurt someone, you shouldn’t.

3. Another point is that if you don't see the door, don't use the remote control to open the door. It is also very dangerous. Maybe there is someone in the place who plays there. It is very likely that there will be big problems. Such as the damage of personnel, the damage of objects. More serious words may cause a security incident or the door is opened incorrectly.

Of course, if you do the following, you can reduce the number of garage door repairs. Mechanical limit devices should be added to the ends of the horizontal rails on both sides of the door. This is to reduce the possibility of the door sliding out. This possibility is not impossible to send. We can only do everything without fail. Let your own human and financial resources and other people's human and financial resources have a good guarantee and preservation.

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