Safety Precautions Should Be Taken When Installing Garage Doors

Sep. 27, 2018

The Residential Garage Door mainly has remote control, induction, electric and manual. Among them, remote control, induction, and electric can all be collectively referred to as automatic garage doors.

The garage door can be installed with anti-theft and safety system: if the resistance rebound system is encountered, the facility can stop the door body from encountering resistance, protect the safety of the person and the vehicle, and protect the door. The infrared sensor control system effectively protects the person. Safety of vehicles and pets in and out; anti-theft alarm system, when someone slams the door, the tweeter will issue an alarm to protect the safety. At the same time, there is a power-off backup battery working function, and there is no need to manually open the door after power failure.

1. When installing the garage garage door, please install the door body to check the door body. Only install the door opener on the well-balanced door body, otherwise serious consequences may result.

2. When the door is running, it is strictly forbidden to pass people or objects from under the door or under the door.

3. It is forbidden to operate the remote control in the place where the door body is not operating, so as to avoid a safety accident or a garage door opening.

4. Mechanical limit devices should be added to the ends of the horizontal rails on both sides of the door to prevent the door from slipping out.

Note: If your garage door has no side doors, please be sure to install a power failure quick release device to manually open the door from the outside during power failure.

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