Rolling Gate Selection Tips

May. 17, 2019

As a Toronto Aluminum Exterior Door Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for the choice of roller shutters.


Security is the most basic function of all categories. Most of the rolling gates are made of marble crossbars because of their large width. This lock is simple and convenient, and the price is also cheap. But the security is average. Easy to be destroyed. But the interior is inhabited. Because the general door movement is relatively loud. It is also possible to choose such a lock. If you are an unattended high-value room like a warehouse. Choosing the lock above is obviously not enough. Therefore, high-strength materials and rolling shutters with anti-smashing technology should be selected.

2. Noise

The biggest drawback of traditional rolling gates is the high noise. The sound of the door is slamming and the wind is blowing. The noise is ringing. Disturbing people's dreams. So if you give someone a living room. You should choose a door with a muffling process.

3. Convenience

In the past, the opening of the rolling gate station will be bent and unlocked. After improvement, it can stand up and open.

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