What Are The Parts Of The Anti-pinch Garage Door?

Mar. 04, 2019

The Anti-pinch Garage Door has a unique anti-pinch function design that effectively guarantees the safety of the user. Thanks to this unique design of the anti-pinch garage door, it has been loved by people and applied to many places. Widely used in shopping malls, villas, residential areas, institutions, colleges, factories, warehouses, garages, etc. Why does the anti-jacket garage door have this function? Today, follow the Commercial Garage Door Exporter to find out what accessories it has.

1, the door panel:

(1) Mainly: color steel plate, aluminum alloy, steel and wood mixed three.

(2) The bottom of the upper sliding door is equipped with a black rubber tubular rubber sealing strip.

2, door opener: a special garage door opener. The customer chooses to open the door machine mainly according to the size of the door opening.

3, hardware accessories: automatic doors have a special production workshop to produce hardware accessories, easy to install and repair.

(1) The material of the guide rail is made of 1.5mm Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate with silver plating on the surface.

(2) The roller adopts high-strength wear-resistant polymethyl-cut POM engineering plastic with embedded ball bearing.

(3) The door hinge material is made of 1.5 Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate with silver plating on the surface.

(4) The steel wire reel is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

The above content is an introduction to the components of the anti-pinch garage door. The anti-pinch garage door can play the anti-pinch function. One is inseparable from its functional design, and the second is the support of the door fitting. Therefore, the anti-pinch is purchased. When you look at the garage door, you should not only look at its function, but also pay attention to its accessories.

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