What are the Tips for Maintaining the Rapid Rolling Door?

Sep. 05, 2019

Rapid Rolling Door, the door is sturdy and can be equipped with automatic alarm device and anti-pushing device to prevent the door from being forced by force, continuous alarm and security. And it is very convenient to use. So what are the tips for maintaining the Rapid Rolling Door? Steel Insulated Door Toronto Supplier to explain to you.

1. Maintain the system according to the maintenance plan and record it in the daily maintenance table of the equipment.

2. Check the components in the control box, tighten the terminals, and clean the inside of the box and the surface dust.

3. Check the manual switch control box to clean the dirt on the button.

4. Check the Rapid Rolling Door up and down switch, and switch the slide rail to add lubricant.

Rapid Rolling Door

Rapid Rolling Door

5. Check the electric brake manual switch and the manual start device.

6. Remove the dust on the surface of the roller shutter motor and the drive chain, and add lubricating oil.

7. Manually raise and lower the fire damper, check the operation, and adjust the position of the upper and lower stroke switches so that the roller shutter is opened or closed in the proper position. The test process is strictly prevented from rolling over or rushing to the bottom.

8. Trigger the smoke/temperature sense near the roller shutter to automatically stop the brake function. The fire center supervisor tests the remote control trip function on the linkage table.

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