Toronto Garage Door is Indispensable

Sep. 10, 2019

In the highly competitive garage door market, many merchants are trying to cut corners on the production materials of electric gates in order to obtain more profits. How can consumers choose a hybrid garage door market? What about quality products?

Aluminum Glass Door Supplier Canada believes that the main attention is the size of the upper and lower neutrals of the retractable door, the size of the upper and lower neutrals of the diagonal bar, and the spacing of the door rows:

First, the telescopic door head plate:

The operation of the Toronto Garage Door is driven by the head drive, so the weight and strength of the base plate are especially important. In the current market, the three types of bottom plates we often see are cement floor, thin iron plate, and cast iron floor; among them, the cement floor has weight but no strength, but the thin iron plate is just the opposite, it has strength, no weight, and is super thick. The cast iron base plate is both heavy and strong; therefore, the extra-thick cast iron is used to make the base plate. For the longer Toronto Garage Door, the weight is proportionally increased to make the Toronto Garage Door run more smoothly.

Toronto Garage Door

Toronto Garage Door

Second, the diagonal bar up and down the neutral:

During the expansion of the Toronto GTA Garage Door, the slanting bar will gradually tilt. After all the positions are in place, there will be a neutral position above and below the slanting bar. The larger the upper neutral position, the easier it is to jump. The lower space, the easier the small animals will pass. Some manufacturers will increase the upper and lower neutrals in order to save materials. Lost part of the function of the gate.

Third, the door row spacing:

The door spacing of the Toronto GTA Garage Door is a big problem. In order to reduce the cost of the product, some manufacturers have widened the door row spacing of the retractable door, which is far beyond the industry standard. Generally, the price of the Toronto Garage Door is based on the length of the meter. The calculation, so most users only pay attention to the total length of the retractable door and ignore the door row spacing. The basic feature of the Toronto Garage Door is the telescopic operation, that is, the door row spacing can be large or small, the spacing is large, and the cost is naturally reduced.

The Toronto GTA Garage Door is indispensable, so feel free to contact us if you have a need.