What Should I Check The Motor Before Using The Rapid Rolling Door?

Feb. 16, 2019

The motor of the Rapid Rolling Door should be checked before use:

1. For new or long-term deactivated motors, check the insulation resistance between windings and windings to ground before use.

2. Check the appearance of the motor for cracks, whether the fastening screws and parts are complete, and whether the motor is in good condition.

3. Check whether the work of the motor drive mechanism is reliable.

4. According to the data shown on the nameplate, such as voltage, power, frequency, connection, speed, etc., whether it is consistent with the power supply and load.

5. Check the ventilation of the motor and the lubrication of the bearing.

6. Pull the motor shaft to check whether the rotor can rotate freely. There is no noise when turning.

7. Check the brush assembly of the motor and whether the brushing mechanism is flexible, and whether the position of the brush handle is correct.

8. Check if the motor grounding device is reliable.

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